September 23rd in the Heartland of America and Across the Nation!

Are you concerned with the increasing decline of our culture, the influences on your children and seeking a voice for your values? Then we invite you to join with mothers across our nation for the Mom’s March for America—a national gathering of mothers to shine the light on the powerful influence of mothers in our homes, communities, and nation; and raise the bar of decency, civility, and liberty in our culture. The march is centered in the Heartland of America, in Omaha, Nebraska, and broadcast live so you can join the march wherever you are! Sarah Palin, Candy Carson (wife of Dr. Ben Carson) and Missy Robertson (Duck Dynasty) are just a few of the awesome moms speaking at the march.

This is not a march walking down the street, shouting and carrying signs. This is a Cultural March; a celebration of the biggest cultural movement happening in America – the march that mothers make every day in their homes, neighborhoods, and businesses as they nurture their families, influence their communities and shape our nation.

Map of Light

The Declaration of Mothers is the foundation and standard for the Mom’s March for America. If you support the Declaration of Mothers we invite to you join us! We know there is at least one mother in every city and town in America who still cares about God, recognizes the importance of family and wants to see freedom prosper. Sign the Declaration of Mothers and we’ll light up your city and show the people of America we’ve got you covered and you are not alone.

Let’s flood the nation with the light of mothers who stand for truth, love God, reverence family and cherish freedom! Check our Map of Light to see if your city is lit up.

If you’re joining the march in person in Omaha, come a day early and enjoy a full day of Hope, Joy, and Enlightenment at the “Remember the Ladies” Convention and Banquet–a day filled with music, laughter, and inspiring speakers that will leave you feeling energized, inspired and infused with hope.

We invite you to be a part of history as we embark on this grand adventure together, uniting our voices; encouraging and supporting each other as we raise the bar of decency and shape the future of our culture and nation.

“The mothers of a country
mold its citizens,
determine its
institutions, and shape its destiny.”

~ Matthew Vassar, Founder Vassar College



The Declaration of Mothers is the Standard for Our March
Declaration of Mom's March

Three Easy Ways to Join the March

1. Join us in the Heartland in Omaha, Nebraska Learn More

2. Attend a public gathering in your own neighborhood or community Learn More

3. Gather with friends, family, or neighbors in your own home

SEE  VIDEO  for ideas on how you can join the march in your own area


As mothers we hold the virtue, liberty and destiny of America in our hands. We recognize the powerful influence mothers have in our country and culture. T​he Mom’s March is a cultural march toward a higher standard of decency and humanity. We are uniting together to declare to the world that truth is self-evident, family matters,  and freedom is worth fighting for.

The Mom’s March isn’t about politics, parties, or policies. It’s about mothers standing united for principles –-the principles and values America was founded on; that supported mothers, respected families, and made us the freest, most prosperous nation on earth. It’s about reviving the sense of community and spirit of sisterhood that once thrived among the women of America. It is about coming together to celebrate motherhood and support and encourage each other as we stand united for truth, family, faith, freedom, and the constitution which protects our divine rights as mothers. It’s about lifting a nation!


​Sign up here and tell us where you’re marching. We’ll update the website each week to let you, the media, and our elected leaders know how many moms are joining the march across the nation.

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Never underestimate the power of moms!

You can support the Mom’s March with a tax-deductible donation.
Never underestimate the power of good women united together for a good thing! We don’t need a treasure chest, we just need each other! Can you imagine the message it would send if the march was largely paid for by women-owned businesses and mom’s all across America contributing $5.00 and $10.00? See “First 100” Video

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Contribute any amount and help us make history as we stand for truth, freedom, family and the Constitution at the Mom’s March for America!

Mom's March for America

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