Local Events & Gatherings

While the center of the Moms March for America is being held in Omaha, Nebraska, there are gatherings of mothers, daughters, and families being organized in states and communities across the nation. As we are notified of these public gatherings we will post them here. If you don’t see your state listed below and would like to organize a public gathering in your own local area contact us.  Public gatherings are those open to the general public.  They can be held in a park, church, community center or even a restaurant.  See Video for Ideas

You do NOT need to attend a public gathering to participate in the march.  The event will broadcast live so you can join us online, on your phone, via radio or even set it up on your own television.  See Video for Ideas  We will provide more details on how to access the broadcast closer to the event.  Join our email list and we’ll keep you up to date on all the information related to the Mom’s March for America!

States with local events:

The following states are organizing local public events and gatherings the day of the march. Join our email list and we’ll keep you updated on details with these events and new events as they are added.  We encourage setting up a Facebook page for your gathering where you can provide details and updates for your own community.  We’ll link your Facebook page to the site so others in your community can find you and join your gathering.









General Guidelines for Organizing Local Events

To hold true the purpose and protect the integrity of the Mom’s March, please review the March Guidelines when organizing your own local gathering for the march.
Local Events

Gather with Friends & Neighbors

We encourage you to gather with friends, family, and neighbors even if you are not attending an official public march location. You can gather in your home, community center, meet at a coffee house or gather in a park where the kids can play. Wherever you are, there is a way to join the march. Make sure and RSVP where you are marching and how many moms and families are marching with you. We’ll update the website each week to let you, the media and our elected leaders know how many moms are joining the march across the nation.

Share Your Pictures with Us

You can take pictures of your group or gathering and email it to us to post on our Facebook and Instagram sites. We love pictures so when you take them share them with us. Remember, if it isn’t documented it didn’t happen so document away!
Local Events