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Keynote: Larry Reed

“Real Heroes: Inspiring True Stories of Character, Courage & Conviction”

“Band of Mothers” presented by Maris Bentley

Participants in this session will share ideas and learn from activist mothers about the importance of being involved in local government and politics, with a special emphasis on parental rights issues and legislation.

Attacks on children, marriage, and family are occurring at the local level—school boards, city, and state governing bodies. Mothers can and must organize in order to be a force for good. Our elected officials need our help and encouragement in order to understand and fight for the family, and the rights of parents to protect and educate their children.

The World War II “Band of Brothers” helped, through their sacrifices, to save the world for democracy. Maybe a “Band of Mothers” can help save the world now…for the children.

Speaker Tina Marie “Hollywood Exposed: A behind the scenes look at today’s pop culture” Tina Marie Griffin

While working as an actress in Hollywood for more than a decade, pop culture expert, Tina Griffin, talked with countless celebrities about their behind-the-scene lifestyles. She quickly realized ‘these secrets’ must be revealed to the masses.

Tina analyzes today’s pop culture in her show called Hollywood Exposed and explains how these corrupt messages are contributing to the teen identity crisis, gender confusion, sex, drugs, alcohol, cutting and suicide issues among our youth. Tina covers how celebrities are promoting Satanism and witchcraft to millions of young impressionable fans. In addition, video game pornography and pedophiles grooming our children through online gaming along with positive video game options will be given. Tina covers the consequences and resources available for sexting, bullying, social media and self-image issues. Positive role models and entertainment choices are shared throughout this show. This session concludes with how to keep your kids safe when it comes to media and technology.

“The Well-Educated Mother’s Heart” by Marlene Peterson, Founder Libraries of Hope

Something extraordinary is on the horizon and women, especially mothers, play a key role. It will be out of the abundance of their hearts that great things will begin to unfold. There is a simple pattern for learning which, once applied, will increase light in our darkening world. By small and simple means, great things will be accomplished. Come catch the vision.

“All Issues Are Mom Issues Fighting for Faith, Family, Freedom On the Homefront” Eva Jones, Carol Bundy & Jeanette Finicum

Lunch & Special Program “Turn on the Light”
Welcome Message by Nebraska Lt. Governor Mike Foley

Austin Anderson: Sometimes you’ve just gotta laugh
Video Presentation/ Kimberly Fletcher “The Greatest Generation”
Redhead Express: Joy & Music
Keynote: Gold Star Mom Karen Vaughn “World Changers”

“Unleashing American Prosperity & The Silent Majority” Martha Boneta

Martha Boneta is a farmer and national advocate for property rights and protecting the American Dream. The Virginia General Assembly, honored Martha with a Joint Commendation from both the House and the Senate recognizing Martha for her significant contributions to the Commonwealth of Virginia. Martha was recognized as one of “America’s Most Amazing Women” by Country Woman Magazine and today, Martha speaks all over the country about property rights, farming, environmental and energy issues as well as defending the American Dream.

Jeanie Cisco-Meth“Taming the Bully Between Your Ears” presented by Jeanie Cisco-Meth

Jeanie has found either success or a lesson in everything she has ever tried to accomplish. She loves teaching people who want to improve their lives and make a difference. She now teaches her special techniques on overcoming adversity to all types of audiences.

Dr. Rosemary Stein“Who Needs A Village: It’s A Mom Thing” presented by Rosemary Stein

Dr. Rosemary Fernandez Stein is the owner and founder of IFC Pediatrics. Dr. Fernandez Stein has nearly twenty years of experience in the practice of pediatrics. “Dr. Rose”, as she is often called by her patients, is a staunch advocate for improving parenting across the nation. She speaks on several syndicated shows on the topic of parenting and importance of the mother/child connection.

“Raising Un-entitled Children” by Nicholeen Peck

Entitlement is a serious problem in our modern culture. Because of this global problem parents and children are more disconnected and contentious in their family relationships in modern times as well. Roles are being frustrated and family bonds are often fractured. What can be done? This presentation will talk about simple ways parents can raise un-entitled children in these entitled times.

Candy Carson Wife of Dr. Ben CarsonKeynote: Candy Carson (wife of Dr. Ben Carson)

Remember the Ladies Banquet (Reception 6:00 pm)

Welcome Message by Jean Stothert, Mayor City of Omaha

Speaker Sam SorboKeynote: Sam Sorbo
Sam Sorbo is an author, actor, homeschool advocate, and wife of Kevin Sorbo (God’s Not Dead & Hercules) She is co-writer and actor of the upcoming, highly inspiring, heart-changing film “Let There Be Light.” Sean Hannity is the executive producer of the film. See Trailer

Special Guests: Candy Carson, Missy Robertson, Martha Boneta, and other Mom’s March Speakers and dignitaries.