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Sam Sorbo


Free Homeschool Seminar with Sam Sorbo

Homemakers for America is hosting a homeschool seminar with Sam Sorbo as part of the Mom’s March for America events.  This is a free seminar but seating is limited so you need to register to attend.  Sam Sorbo is an author, actor, and homeschool advocate. She is the wife of Kevin Sorbo  (Hercules TV Series and God’s Not Dead) and mother of three children whom she homeschools

They’re YOUR Kids: An Inspirational Journey from Self-Doubter to Home School Advocate

Author of They’re YOUR Kids, Sam Sorbo, takes you on a journey of survival – in your own home! Starting with a sincere look at education today in the United States, Sam answers the question, “How can you thrive as an educator when the system insists you’ll fail?” Feel empowered as a parent, as Sam shares her personal stories about getting the best out of the wonderful gift of parent/teacher-ing your offspring, to help you embark on the greatest love story ever written: that between parent and child.