How Do I Know Who the Candidates are and What They Stand For?

Being an informed voter can be difficult when you don’t know where to go to find the information. We have collected a list of websites where you can go to get information on the issues and candidates on your ballot and where each candidate stands on the issues that matter to you.

You can also go to your County Election Office and ask for a sample ballot. A sample ballot lists all the offices up for election, candidates running and the issues to be voted for on your specific ballot. We highly recommend getting one. It is a great way to find out who the candidates are and research them before Election Day.

Another great resource are voter guides. Most states have at least one organization that provides a voter guide. Many of the specific state affiliates of Focus on the Family provide this valuable resource. We have provided these and other resources below.

State Family Policy Councils
This link provides a list of state policy groups affiliated with Focus on the Family. Many of them provide voter information and/or voter guides during elections.

Phyllis Schlafly Eagles
This is the organization Phyllis started prior to her passing. They are actively working on providing voter information and working with HomeMakers for America to encourage moms to register to vote and vote on Election Day.

Family Research Council
FRC provides valuable voter information on federal and some state elections. They also provide voter guides which you can view on their website during election cycles.

Vote 411
This website is sponsored by League of Women Voters and is a great resource to search candidates positions on issues.

Voter Info Project (Nebraska only)
This is an outstanding website providing information on all candidates on the ballot from national to school board. We LOVE this website and resource. Unfortunately it is only available in Nebraska.

Interactive, accessible app that lets you follow issues, tells you where candidates stand–and lets you tell them how you feel.

Project Vote Smart
Info on your representatives, including biographies, voting records, issue positions, and campaign contributions.

Smart Voter
On this site you can look up information about all contests and candidates on your ballot. Awesome!

On the Issues
This website provides information on elected leaders and issues. Their tag line is “Every political leader on every issue.” This is a great way to check those currently serving office if they are running and those who are running who may have served in another position.

Matching-Making for Politics. You can chose an issue with a swipe of the finger and find out which candidates support the same things you do–with a track record to back it up.
Govt. resource with up-to-date info on current legislation, your representatives’ voting records, and how it all works (or at least how it should work).