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Mom's March USA

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Sam Sorbo

[Moms] for America has launched a powerful movement to give voice to the silent majority of women, mothers. These are the women of true power who are raising the future and affecting the nation.

Speaker Sam Sorbo
Sam Sorbo

Candy Carson

It is reassuring in this day and age that there’s an organization such as [Moms] for America, to maintain and encourage the principles of our founders.

Candy Carson Wife of Dr. Ben Carson
Candy Carson
Wife of Dr. Ben Carson

Tina Marie Griffin

Partnering with this Moms March Movement has not only been a pleasure, but an honor. Nothing is more powerful than women working together towards a common cause of restoring our country’s values and building stronger families.

Speaker Tina Marie
Tina Marie Griffin

Jim Jordan

I would like to take this opportunity to commend all those involved with this extraordinary national organization as you set out to inform women throughout America on the issues that affect their lives.

Jim Jordan
Jim Jordan
U.S. Congressman, Ohio

Kathy Tricolli

I am so impressed with all that you do and the whole of your ministry. It is truly amazing all the women that you impact and how the Lord is using you.

Kathy Tricolli
Kathy Tricolli
Recording Artist
A day of Service

On January 19th, you can march about the problems in this country,
or you can serve as the solution.

We choose to serve!

Moms know that the real issues facing this nation won’t be solved just by slogans on signs or marching with megaphones. Moms understand that our true impact in this life is measured by the difference we make in the lives of others.
That’s why when it comes to our freedom and our values,
Moms don’t just talk the talk, we go walk the walk.

And we want you to walk with us!

Join us in our 100 Women in 100 Cities project!

CLICK HERE to sign up or to learn more about projects in your area!

Together, we will #BeTheLight in the darkness!