Dear Fellow Millennials

by Cassiopeia Fletcher

Current society finds itself held captive to the whims and fancies of the greatest generation of self-important ‘give me’s our world has ever had the displeasure of spawning: Millennials.

To those of you who take offense at my blanket disgust for an entire sub-culture of America, please know that I am a millennial and, as such, have free range to disparage my kind. After all, if only blacks can use the N-word and only women can call each other the B-word without it being offensive, then I can call my generation a society of spineless, technicolored wall ornaments whose only job is to take up space and make themselves seen/heard.

I am not above the mindset of my generation. I hate waiting longer than two seconds for my YouTube videos to load, I hate standing in line to buy a three dollar candy bar, and I hate when J.C. Penny has the dress I want in the wrong color because the right color doesn’t exist. I watch stupid cat videos and video bloggers, laugh at viral memes, and know the meaning of ‘Tots’ ‘Woke’ ‘Adorbs’ and the ever fluid ‘Text Speech’. But, with the help of my loving, attentive, and eternally patient parents, I am getting better.

It is because of my parents—and undoubtedly their decision to home school me in an effort to save me from the cesspool of millennial self-congratulation for breathing—that I can look at others of my generation, roll my eyes, and say: “Get Woke!”

Not everything in the world is about you, Millennials. In fact, not half the things in the world are about you; you just think they are because American society has become a pandering mass of ‘safe spaces’ and transgender bathrooms. And believe me when I say it hasn’t done you any favors.

Do you think your boss is going to set up a Safe Space in the office because you’re shook up over an angry customer who yelled at you for poor service? Do you think that taking the day off because you have bad menstrual cramps or want to participate in a ‘statement day’ like A Day Without a Woman/Immigrant will protect you from being fired? Do you really think relying on the Government to pay your bills will let you spend the rest of your life drinking Starbucks coffee while you read other people’s lifestyle blogs?

I will say it again: “Get woke!”

Or, even better: “Get real!”

Your parents owe you nothing. Your university owes you nothing. Your government owes you nothing!

I’m not trying to disparage anyone’s lifestyle choices; those choices belong to you. If you’re homosexual, fine. If you’re a man with the soul of a woman, awesome. If you’re a ‘free spirit’ willing to give yourself to anything that breathes, more power to you. I only ask that you extend to me the same courtesy I am extending to you when I say: Back Off!

You have the right to your opinion, you have the right to express your opinion, but you do not have the right to force those opinions on others. And you certainly don’t have the right to punish them for disagreeing. Stop acting like toddlers at nap time and grow up.

You want to make a difference? You want to change the world? You want people to take you seriously? Then put down your $15.00 minimum wage signs, stop cutting classes to protest tuition fees, take the vagina hat off your head, and get a job.

Nothing in this world is owed to you. If you want a comfortable, happy, well-adjusted life then you’ll have to work for it. Just like everybody else.


Cassiopeia Fletcher is an author and blogger living in Omaha, Nebraska and the director of online resources for the Mom’s March for America. Cassie has a BA from Southern Virginia University and MFA in Creative Writing from Creighton University. She ultimately plans to continue her education with a PHD in Literature and Creative Writing.

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  1. What a refreshing article to read, I truly hope that we have more of them out there like you, because to me as a 57 yr old who can work circles around the millineal generation is disheartening. They want the success I have now even though I have 38 yrs experience in my field and are not the least bit interested in working for it, it is either right now or they quit and stop all together and try something else in hope of a instant gratification, the microwave generation! I am concerned for my grands as this will be the generation that will be in control of this country, I pray this is a passing fancy and will be “grown out of” as this group matures, or God help us. Please keep up your March and press forward with your smart words and ways and I will pray they listen! God Bless

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