10 Reasons to Get Your Child on a Bike

by David Bender

Moms March USAThere are way too many arguments as well as opinions both online and offline as to why it is important to get your child on a bike. While some of them are downright misleading, most stand out as accurate. All one needs to do is consider what is practical and what isn’t.

There is also the fact that children are different. That leaves a parent with only one option – to understand how the child in question behaves. Only then will one know when it is appropriate as a parent to introduce a bike to a child and how to go about it. Either way, here are 10 solid reasons as to why you should consider getting your child on a bike.

  1. Bonding

One of the best ways to bond with your little loved one is through sports. Unfortunately for most parents, it always takes time before they can figure which sport a child would love. Not so when it comes to the bike. Children simply love it. It gets better if both parents can ride. Simply ride as a family and in the process, bond. Before you know it, yours will be a close knit family.

  1. Fitness

Cycling is up there alongside swimming as far as fitness is concerned. It stands out as one of the best ways to keep fit. With that in mind, get your child on a bike. It is the only form of aerobic activity ideal for children under 10.

  1. Development

Growth and development of a loved one does not have to be a burden. For the child in question, the process should be replete with fun memories and activities one will live to remember. That is exactly where the bike comes in. it makes growth and development easy. A child riding everyday with friends is more likely to grow up appreciating and even missing his or her childhood than a child who doesn’t ride.

  1. Confidence

Remember the first time you tried to ride a bike? You probably fell of the bike. People laughed. You picked yourself up though and rode. That was and still is, confidence. Cycling has a way of cultivating it in children in a way that other sports cannot. Your child may hate it at first, with all the falling and bruising. It won’t take long though before it becomes easy for him or her to peddle without the fear of falling.

  1. Skills

Life is always a challenge. Those with special skills have an easy time wading through it. So think of your child learning how to ride as a skill acquiring process. Ultimately, the skill will come in handy at some point. What’s more, your little loved could learn of other vital skills because of the gateway that cycling is when it comes to learning new skills.

  1. Learning about traffic

Your child can easily learn what to do and what not to do while on the road once he or she knows how to ride a bicycle.  This is possibly something that almost comes naturally once one knows how to ride a bike. So yeah, teach your child how to ride a bike. Then while at it, teach him or her too the basic traffic rules.

  1. Building up a hobby

Most cyclists who go pro picked up riding bicycles as a hobby. With that in mind, encourage your child to do the same. Eventually, cycling will come to him or her naturally. It will then be easy for the child to think of explosion cycling at a competitive level and eventually going pro.

  1. Happiness

Better self worth, high self esteem, confidence and of course, happiness are just but some of the perks that come along with staying fit. You do not have to invest in working out equipment for this to happen. All one needs is a bike. Fitness then kicks in, happiness follows and one ends up with a happy child.

  1. Character development

You will learn a lot about your child once you bond with him or her through cycling. It will then be easy for you to understand all you have to as far as character development in children is concerned. Keep in mind though, that this always calls for patience. You will enjoy the process though, seeing your little man or lady growing and developing a distinct character of his or her own.

  1. Responsibility

Children and even adults, always develop a sense of attachment to their favorite possessions. This is crucial for children because it inculcates responsibility.  Your child will understand the value of things. He or she will also understand what it takes to take care of treasured possessions. Be sure to encourage the young man or lady to take up on rolls such as washing the bike. It sounds trivial but in the end, it pays off.


David is an avid cyclist. He’s traveled to over 10 countries with his bike. He writes a lot on bikes and biking at his blog. When not attending to his blog, he’s biking in the neighborhood.


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