Moms March Caravan

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 Moms for America Heads to the Border

mom hugs a sad boy sonProtecting our borders is something that is of grave concern to mothers on both sides of the border. As the “caravan” of men from foreign countries approach our borders, we’ve been hearing from moms across the country expressing their fears and concerns. No one is covering the moms’ view in the news. No one is even asking moms what they think about the “caravan,” or how it effects the women and children on the other side of the border. So we are!

Moms for America and Black Women Walk are joining with moms from around the country in 15 states to meet with local moms and share their concerns with this mass invasion. Several moms from organizations and media will join moms from across the country to gather at border communities to get the mom’s view on the border issue.

The Moms Caravan heads to McAllen Texas, November 3rd- 5th. The Moms Caravan is an opportunity for moms from around the country to join with moms on the border, hear their stories, and share their perspective on the border issue. Its time to get the Mom View! As one author said, when you begin any sentence with “As A Mom” the conversation changes. Its time to change the conversation.

It is Mothers and Children Who Are Hurt the Most by Not Securing Our Borders

Moms March CaravanEvery time we tell someone we’re going to the border the first thing they say is “Be careful.” What about the mothers who live on the border? No one is talking about the mothers living in border communities, who live in fear wondering if and when a mass mob of men will come through their property and if their children are safe. No one is talking about the women and children left behind by these men or those traveling with the men. The fact is, it is mothers and children who are hurt the most by not securing our borders—mothers and children on both sides of the border. We are aiding and abetting drug cartels, rapists, and human traffickers by not securing our borders. Not securing our borders is endangering women and children and creating an industry for ruthless men to take advantage of them. No one is talking about that.

Who’s Protecting the Women and Children?

Message from Kimberly Fletcher (President, Moms for America)

In 2007, I went to the border in Nogales, Arizona to find out for myself what was really going on at the border and what I saw literally shocked me. I saw first-hand the rape trees where human traffickers leave their “trophies” of women’s underwear after they are raped. I saw acres of desert covered with trash and debris from back packs and clothes to water bottles. I witnessed drug runners speeding in a van right past the house of the family I was staying with, followed by border patrol cars. But the most heart-wrenching part of my trip was the conversation I had with the mother from across the border who met me late at night in the cover of darkness with one message, “We want our men back.”

This mother braved the journey to the border to tell me the story of her town. She said the men leave them for America to get jobs. For a time they send money back to help the family. But then, in too many cases, the money stops and many of the men marry, start families in the United States and completely abandon the families they left behind. The mother told me the town she lives in is run by drug cartels. When the men leave, the women are forced to work to provide for their children, leaving the children powerless against the cartels who relentlessly intimidate them into running drugs and being brutalized if they don’t. The words of this anguished mother continue to ring through my ears, “We want our men back.”

As I see the “Caravan” of men heading for our borders I immediately think of the women and children being left behind, vulnerable to the violence and economic depression, and left to fend for themselves. The men who could protect and provide for them have abandoned them. No one is talking about that.

Share Your Story!

Email us at and share your concerns, suggestions, and story with us. We will  share them with Elected Officials and post them on our website. The more moms they hear from, the more they will listen!