Sam SorboMoms for America has launched a powerful movement to give voice to the silent majority of women, mothers. These are the women of true power who are raising the future and affecting the nation.

~ Sam Sorbo
Actor, producer, radio host

Jim JordanI would like to take this opportunity to commend all those involved with this extraordinary national organization as you set out to inform women throughout America on the issues that affect their lives.

~Jim Jordan
U.S. Congressman, Ohio

Kathy TricolliI am so impressed with all that you do and the whole of your ministry. It is truly amazing all the women that you impact and how the Lord is using you.

~ Kathy Tricolli
Recording Artist

Candy CarsonIt is reassuring in this day and age that there’s an organization such as Moms
for America, to maintain and encourage the principles of our founders: patriotism, civility, dedication to truth, valuing the individual…all principles from their inspiration – the Bible, from whence came our triumvirate system of government.

~ Candy Carson
Wife of Dr. Ben Carson

Tina Marie Griffin“Partnering with this Moms March Movement has not only been a pleasure, but an honor. Nothing is more powerful than women working together towards a common cause of restoring our country’s values and building stronger families.”

– Tina Griffin
Counter Culture Mom

BlackwellTo Mom
s for America, let me thank you, not only for your mission but for your dedication, your courage and your tenacity. And thank you very much for deciding to be full participants on the front lines in America for making sure that America’s foundation is secure.

~ Ken Blackwell
Former Ohio Secretary of State & Senior Fellow, Family Research Council

Phil BurressI would like to express my appreciation for the mission of Mom
s for America. Your women’s outreach is greatly needed in our culture today and, I believe, vital to the preservation of freedom and family values.

~ Phil Burress
Former President, Citizens for Community Values

Suzette CaldwellAt this time in American history, organizations like yours are badly needed. I commend you on your vision and courage.

~ Suzette T. Caldwell
Associate Pastor
Windsor Village United Methodist Church, Houston Texas

Brad DuccassHFA stands up for millions of sacrificing Moms in our nation who deserve to have their voices heard.

~ Brad Dacus
President, Pacific Justice Institute

 John Oneil“Moms for America will demonstrate that ordinary people armed with moral values and the truth, have a lever that can move the World. This exciting organization has the potential to finally bring to national prominence the actual views of the women upon whom our society depends … Listen. It’s the voice of our people and our values speaking.”

~ John O’Neill