Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can men participate in the march?
A. Absolutely! Men Are Welcome to Attend! We greatly respect and appreciate all you do to support the women in your life and your commitment to truth, family, freedom and the constitution.  If you don’t wish to support the march in person, Husbands, fathers, and sons can support the march by holding down the homefront so moms, daughters, and wives can enjoy the march. Other options are volunteering in Nebraska supporting/hosting an event in your area or making a financial contribution to the march.

Q. Is there actual marching at the Mom’s March for America?
A. No. This is not a march like other marches where large groups of people travel to gather in one location for the purpose of walking down a street, carrying signs. This as an opportunity for us to unite together wherever we are, for those three ours, turning our hearts and minds to the heartland and the messages shared from the Mom’s March stage. It is the beginning of a movement, a cultural march to a higher standard of truth, decency, humanity and liberty–a celebration of the march moms make every day in their homes, neighborhoods and businesses as they nurture their family, influence their communities and shape our nation!

Q. What is happening in Omaha during the Mom’s March?
A. Omaha is a Weekend Destination for the Mom’s March for America!  Friday, September 22 is the “Remember the Ladies” Convention & Banquet. Saturday morning Sam Sorbo will be giving a free Homeschool Seminar “They’re Your Kids” and Saturday there will be live stage events beginning at noon leading up to the Mom’s March & live broadcast at 1:00pm Central.  History and art displays will fill the concourse throughout Friday and Saturday in our Exhibit of Light, Truth & Liberty.   For more info on all these events and activities visit our OMAHA EVENT PAGE

Q. Is there a cost to join the Live Broadcast?
A. No.  There is no charge for the broadcast and you join through internet livestream or audio only livestream through The Answer Omaha.   To access the Live Stream Link CLICK HERE

Q. Why are you selling tickets for the Mom’s March?  Why isn’t it free to attend?
A. We are selling tickets for two reasons.  1. so attendees have a vested interest in coming and 2. to cover the cost of the event.  While all our speakers are donating their time to come we do need to cover their travel and lodging, security, rent for the facility and the live stream itself.  By purchasing a ticket, you are not only joining this national gathering of mothers–you are helping to make it possible and greatly appreciate your support.

Q. Can we just get tickets for Friday if we can’t come Saturday?
A. Yes.  Tickets are available individually or in bundles so you can attend just the events you want.  The Convention is Friday, September 22 from 9:00 am- 4:00 pm. Registration is $35 and includes lunch. The Banquet is 6:30 pm (Reception 6:00 pm).  Tickets are $45.  You can purchase both the Convention & Banquet for &75  We also have VIP Passes available for personal meet and greet with Sarah Palin and our other speakers on Saturday 11:00-12:30.  VIP Passes are $250 for Saturday and $300 for both Friday & Saturday.  Tickets for the Mom’s March are $10 general seating and $25 for premium seating (closest to the stage)

Q. Who is organizing the Mom’s March for America?
A. The Mom’s March is being organized by HomeMakersforAmerica, a national, non-profit organization founded in 2004. HomeMakers for America has partnered with several women, family, and constitutional advocacy organizations to plan and promote the event. To see our list of partners CLICK HERE

Q. Where is the Mom’s March being held?
A. The Mom’s March is a national event centered in the Heartland of America in Omaha, Nebraska. The march will host several speakers and will be broadcast live from 1:00-4:00 PM CDT so moms, daughters, and grandmas can gather and join the march wherever they are.  To access the Live Stream Link CLICK HERE

Q. How Can I participate in the Mom’s March for America?
A. You can participate in the march by first, RSVPing on our website that you are joining the march. You can then join the march in person in Omaha, Nebraska, in one of the public gatherings in your own state or community or in spirit wherever you are. We encourage you to gather with other moms whenever possible to watch or listen to the march together. You can meet for coffee, lunch, picnic in the park, gather in your church, community center or in your home. Wherever you are, you can participate.

Q. I would like to organize an event in my own community. Can I do that?
A. Yes! You can organize a small gathering with friends and family in your home, invite neighbors to join you in your local church or community center, or organize a gathering open to the public. Public events can be held at a host church, community center, park or any place where large groups can meet. What your local event looks like is completely up to you. You can meet in a park where the kids can play, host a luncheon at a hotel, church, or community center—whatever works for you and your community. You create a Facebook event page, a simple website or meet-up page for your event and we’ll post it on the Mom’s March website so moms in your area will know what events are located near them. When planning any Mom’s March gathering, make sure and review our general guidelines. General Guidelines

Q. How do I find out about local events?
A. Statewide and Local events will be posted on the Mom’s March website as they develop. We will be updating the list frequently. We encourage you to sign up for the email list so you can receive updates as they come in. Local Events Page

Q. Can we bring signs to the march?
A. We highly discourage signs of any kind. You can order an official Mom’s March T-shirt design that fits you. You can also wear stickers or create a T-shirt design of your own. If you really want to have or bring signs to the march all messages should strictly reflect the message and tone of the Declaration of Mothers. No signs supporting candidates, current or previous presidents, elected officials, or specific policies should be brought to the march. It is extremely important we hold to the integrity of the event. The Mom’s March is about promoting principles and standards, not specific issues or policies. The principles and standards are the very things that create sound policies and ensure the protection of our individual rights on the issues we care about. Messages that draw us in and touch our hearts have the greatest impact.

We highly encourage any positive, uplifting, inspiring messages that promote truth, family, freedom, the Constitution and the powerful influence of mothers. Have fun, be creative and go ahead and add some bling! This is a Mom’s March after all.

Q. Why is lavender the official color of the march?

A. Lavender is a color that represents refinement, grace, love, devotion, and purity. It is a shade of purple—which is the color of royalty, and, it is a magnificent fusion of red, white and blue blended together. Lavender is a color that unites us and that represents the best in us. It is the perfect color to symbolize the march and all it stands for.