General Guidelines for Organizing Local Events

To hold true the purpose and protect the integrity of the Mom’s March, please adhere to the following guidelines when organizing your own local gathering for the march. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us.

We want to encourage every woman/Mother who wants to organize an event around our Declaration of Mothers for the Moms March to do so. Below are some helpful guidelines to support your efforts.

  • We want to make sure everyone attending or organizing an event understands our message and our goals with the Moms March. Please read the Declaration of Mothers and know that this is a cultural, not political, event.
  • We ask that no signs be used to relay a message other than the ones on our website. We don’t want to be confused with others who have a political or policy related message no matter how worthy it seems.
  • It would be great if events could be open to the public but we know some ladies would rather gather with their own friends and circles to participate in the Mom’s March and celebrate Mothers–which is totally okay and encouraged.
  • When planning your gathering, please remember there are many Moms out there without a support system and this is a wonderful way to include them in a safe place and allow them to start building a reliable resource for information and support and friendship.
  • When you are organizing your event, you can utilize the logo  and downloadable graphics on our website to promote your event and use on your social media pages. We, in turn, will promote your event through our website so others may find your event and attend.
  • We encourage setting up a Facebook page for your gathering where you can provide details, updates, and a place to connect for your own community.  We’ll link your Facebook page to the site so others in your community can find you and join your gathering.
  • Have fun! The purpose of the Mom’s March is to celebrate mothers and their powerful influence on our nation and stand for the principles and values America was founded on and that made us the freest, most prosperous nation on earth. It is also a way to connect, support and encourage one another and build relationships that will help us all build better communities.