Registering to Vote

If you are not registered to vote you can register to vote in person at the following places in your area:

Register to Vote in Person

  • The department of motor vehicles.
  • Armed services recruitment centers.
  • State and county public assistance offices (SNAP/food stamps, WIC, services for the disabled), where you may fill out and submit a National Mail Voter Registration Form.
  • Your County Election office

You can also Register to Vote Online at the following link.

Here is a link with additional information on

If you have moved or relocated since you last registered you will need to register again with your new address to ensure you are registered in the right precinct and your vote is qualified and counted.

How Do I Know Where to Vote?

When you register to vote you should receive a postcard in the mail confirming receipt and providing information on where your voting precinct is. If you do not receive the card or you have misplaced it, contact your County Election office and they can provide you with the information. You can find the number and address for the office online, in the phone book or through your State Election office.

The following website provides some helpful information on verifying your voter registration and voting location.

Early Voting & Voting by Mail

You can vote early or even vote by mail.  To find you how to do that in your state visit the following website and get all the details for your own state.