State Proclamations

Governors Issue Proclamations recognizing the Declaration of Mothers!

Nebraska Governor, Pete Ricketts, was the first to sign a Proclamation recognizing the Declaration of Mothers and proclaiming March 8th International Mother’s Influence Day!

Kimberly Fletcher, president & founder of Moms for America, meets with Nebraska Governor Pete Rickets and members of Omaha Liberty Ladies to receive the Proclamation. (Pictured Left to Right: Amber Parker, Kimberly Fletcher, Governor Ricketts, Rachel Pinkerton, Charlene Edmunson, and Carole Julian)

Proclamation Requests have been signed in the following states:

Nebraska, Iowa, Georgia, Utah, and introduced in Kentucky, Tennessee, Texas,  Oklahoma, Ohio, South Dakota, Arizona, and Florida.

Below is the language of the Proclamation. If you would like to introduce the proclamation in your state the process is very simple.  Each governor has a website with a proclamation request form.  Just fill it out, submit, and follow up.  Its that simple. We’re happy to help you with the process. Just send an email to and let us know you’d like assistance. Make sure and send us pictures and we’ll post on the website and social media.

Proclamation Template

Governor (Name of Governor) issues a Proclamation upholding motherhood


throughout history mothers have had a tremendous positive impact on the flow of the economy, the influence of their children and community, as well as shape the culture and influence the future; and


Matthew Vassar, founder of Vassar College, declared, “The Mothers of a nation mold its citizens, determine its institutions and shape its destiny.” and


The Declaration of Mothers was released nationally to celebrate the powerful influence of mothers in society, declare self-evident truths, and affirm that the values and virtues taught within the home and family determine the values and virtues of the state and nation as a whole; and


(Name of State) is home to thousands of dedicated mothers who recognize the importance of their role in shaping the future of our nation, determining the standard of civility and humanity in society, and instilling a love of liberty and virtue in the rising generation; and


The 8th Day of March has traditionally been designated as International Women’s Day; and


the most significant contribution women make in society and the greatest act of patriotism they can perform is the work they do within their own home and family; and


it is fitting that the people of (Name of State) honor and defend the sacred role of motherhood as a valued resource that must be preserved; the significance of home and family as the core of society that must be sustained, and esteem the divine, inherent rights of parents that must be respected,


I, Governor (Governor’s Name), pursuant to the authority vested me by the Constitution and the Statues of the State of (Name of State), acknowledge the Declaration of Mothers and DO HEREBY PROCLAIM the 8th day of March, 2018 as


in (Name of State), and do hereby urge all citizens to take due note of the observance.