Welcome to Our House


A Warm Welcome Back to Our House!

With the holiday season approaching, mothers across America are decorating, Christmas shopping, checking off to-do lists… all in anticipation for this most wonderful–and busy!–time of the year.

As you prepare to welcome neighbors, friends and family to your home this season, Moms for America has a special request to make of you!

Would you take the time to help welcome your elected representatives back to our House this winter?  The United States House of Representatives, that is!

We invite you to join Moms for America in our last call to action for 2018. Mothers just like you all across the country will be taking just a few short minutes out of their holiday season to write a very special welcome note to your U.S. Congressman and Senators who will be headed to Washington, D.C. this January.

It is so easy for politicians to get swept away in the “inside the Beltway” mentality once they arrive in Washington, D.C. Seeing the faces and hearing the hearts of their constituents helps our elected officials stay connected to the needs of real families in their districts.

This is a powerful opportunity to make your voice heard in an incredibly positive way! Just a few sentences about what’s important to your family and your community can make a tremendous impact on your representatives and their staff. They say one hand-written note has the same impact as countless phone calls or even emails.

Include a photo of your family, perhaps a drawing from a child, along with your short note to say “Welcome back to Our House!” We also encourage you to tuck a copy of the Declaration of Mothers inside your letter, so they can learn more about Moms for America and the principles we stand behind.

On January 6th, a Moms for America team will meet the U.S. Representatives and Senators on their first day back to the Capitol and hand-deliver your notes to them and their staff! Join us as we set a positive tone for our elected officials, with this Warm Welcome Back to OUR House!

Call to Action Details:
1.       Write a brief note to your elected U.S. Representative and perhaps even your two Senators to introduce yourself and your family. Click here to see who represents you: https://whoismyrepresentative.com

  1. Include a family photo, child’s drawing or something to make it unique to your family!
  2. Download and print the Declaration of Mothers to include in your letter. You can find the Declaration here: https://momsforamerica.us/declaration-of-mothers
  3. Mail it to us by 12/25. Please send all letters to:

Moms for America Letter Campaign

7202 Giles Rd Suite 4, Box 120

LaVista, NE 68128


Thank you for your support and participation in this important effort! From all of us at Moms for America to all of you… a very Merry Christmas and joyous Holiday season to you all!